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Your personal background.
With an affiliate website, you can turn your hobby, passion, or interest into a profitable endeavor.
Find a niche, build a website, add affiliate links to products, and you’re off to the races!
We offer three levels of service with affiliate websites.
First, for those of you "DIYers," we have put together a free guide
to help you build your own affiliate website side hustle.
Second, we have pre-designed "turnkey" sites that allow you to get started on your new side hustle right away.
Finally, if you have a great niche idea, but don’t have the time or skills to build your own site, we can custom-build it
for you.

Customer service, product returns,
product research, competitors stealing your products, a team of 8
employees.. The entire journey has been super fun building but a challenge for
sure. While it takes 8 people to manage my niche ecom stores.
All it takes is one to manage this blog. But where the power lies in blogging, each piece of content that I create becomes
an employee of mine that will exist forever. Using content as employees are the best because they don’t complain, they don’t
need to get paid, they don’t do anything else other than selling your shit.
So even though you may have 1 or 2 "content slaves" in your blog when you first start, imagine how big your empire will be if you stay consistent in pumping
out content?

I made it a goal to pump out at least 2 pieces of content every single week.
But each time I trade 3 of my hours for a week’s
worth of content, I create something that is SEPARATE from my time.

And the more you can find ways to leave your foot prints on this world in the form of
a blog, the more likely of a chance you will have a business that
will out last you as well. Why is Warren Buffett a billionaire?

He has the ability to find undervalued stock and sell
them for what the stock is really worth.

It is the same thing with blogging. Blogging right now is SEVERELY UNDERVALUED.
Therein lies the opportunity. But no one is talking about the fact that YOU DO NOT OWN these accounts.
And if you leave 100% of your income to Facebook, Google, or Instagram, you are going to be one sad
puppy when something changes. Blogging is different because at the
end of the day, YOU OWN IT. And nobody can take it away from you.
And the select few entrepreneurs that make the decision to invest their time and effort in creating one will reap the most benefits 3 to 5 years down the line.

The crazy thing is, it’s also the cheapest side hustle to start.
4/month for web hosting. But there are ways to cut this cost down even more.
For example with Bluehost, they give you a free domain when you get started.
Think you have what it takes to build a side hustle with blogging?
If so, here is how you build and grow it. Your first 50 pieces are going to suck, what’s important is finding your voice.
QUESTION: What is one lesson you wish you knew a
year ago that you know now? Do Me a Favor and Share it!
NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.
This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by
being compensated for recommending products that I love using.

I've been freelancing for a little bit and while it can be fun and
my own schedule thing is great, the only real reason I do it is because we move a lot.

I look forward to the day I can get a steady job, work on a regular
team, and do taxes like a normal person. Each has their pros and
cons. If I still have my long term clients at that point,
I'll probably keep that on the side to be honest.
Side gigs are always nice and we've been working together since I started.
If the company job doesn't work out you can always go back to freelancing

Okay, I started a blog a while back and it discusses random things about making money online from freelancing to marketing
online. As a successful freelancer who works strictly from home making a full-time income, I've decided
to start a blog dedicated to only that. I want to help others
learn how to successfully do the same thing I do. I am a mother of two and there is nothing better than the flexibility that working from home
gives me. It takes a lot of trial and error generally to figure out how to stand out
above the other hundreds of freelances that want the same job you
want. I have a great on-site background and
I'm very smart and sharp. I also possess a variety of strong skills.
So, at first, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't landing the projects I was submitting proposals to.

Along the way, I figured out why and I figured out how to get the
employers' attention. I can now land almost any job I submit a proposal to.
But it definitely took a lot of research, proposal writing practice, and time to sharpen my project landing skills.

Now I want to teach others how to work from home for legitimate online employers and make a real full-time income right from their own desk.
So that's what this blog is about. I will deliver tips,
information and tools that will help you turn freelancing from home
into a successful career for you. If you ever have a topic,
about this subject, that you'd like to see a
post about or have questions you would like answered, let me know and I'll write a
post on them. Let's start our freelance journey
and get you making money from home doing the same things you would be doing from someone else's
office at a 9-5! I'm going to copy over a post I made elsewhere on this subject here as my
next post. Just wanted to write this little intro first.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Wagner Freelancing provides nationwide freelance writing and editing services to clients with a variety of business and
personal needs. Whether you desire a freelance writer to produce marketing copy for your business website or an editor to proofread a
project for publication, we offer experienced writers and editors
to do the job professionally. With more than 25 years of writing and editing experience, our
owner-operator, Angela D. Wagner, launched Wagner Freelancing to assist
others with their professional copy and editing
needs. As a former journalist and English teacher, she understands the impact of the written word for a plethora of audiences and purposes.
In addition, she offers a sharp eye for detail, ensuring clean copy that is free of
punctuation and grammatical errors. Wagner Freelancing provides
a wide breadth of writing and editing services to achieve your business and personal goals.
From editing papers for professional publication to writing marketing
material for drawing customers to your business online, we help you at affordable rates with
customer-friendly service. We aim to please every customer by providing written copy and editing that
will capture the attention of their audience with every line.

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A former HR manager who earns up to £7K a month from online
'side hustles' has revealed how anyone can earn an extra
£500 a month from the comfort of their own sofa.
Ruth Hinds, 30, from Durham makes extra cash through blogging, selling on eBay
and matched betting, and insists anyone can do the same.
Although Ruth gets most of her income from her freelance writing, her 'side hustles' help her pocket extra cash and now she's on a
mission to inspire other people to follow her example.
She told FEMAIL: 'I’ve got what you’d probably
call a "portfolio career".

I run a pre-loved and vintage clothing business
on eBay, I create and sell online courses, I do some consulting and I do
some matched betting. Ruth Hinds, 30, earns extra cash each month
through 'side hustles' such as buying and reselling vintage clothes (pictured).
Ruth is keen to encourage other people to explore the
possibility of starting one of these 'side hustles' which can help you pocket up
to £500 a month in addition to your day job. Sharing her tips with
Femail, Ruth said: 'Focus on just one thing at a time.
It’s great to have multiple income streams, but you can’t build everything from
scratch at the same time. Share 'Not everyone has
massive chunks of time to dedicate to their side hustle projects.
It also pays to be on top of your finances so you can identify which side
projects works well, and which don't. Ruth
added: 'Know your responsibilities when it comes to declaring your income and paying
taxes and keep records from the beginning.

Are you an entrepreneur and need extra hands to serve
for IT needs of your company to make it more profitable?
Then you are not alone! Every entrepreneur wants the same!
And what would be better than hiring IT freelancers?
But then how to know that the freelancer you are hiring
will prove to be beneficial for you? The answer is "Yes" of course!

When you have set your mind to hire a freelancer
for fulfilling your IT requirements then you need to check their complete
skill set, experience in the field you are looking for and most importantly their competent spirit.
But this is not possible if you are hiring an individual freelancer
who is working independently as you have no
source to judge them especially when you are sitting miles away in some other country!

For this reason hiring IT freelancers from other reputable and verified IT companies is considered as the
best way to get the right candidate for your job to be done.
Yes you heard it right! Search for companies and talents with
the skill-set you are looking for by creating your company’s profile
on Trustroo - a new age freelance marketplace for registered Indian IT companies and companies around the
world. The solution aims to bridge the gap between Indian IT companies and the other companies worldwide.
Also stay in touch with TRUSTROO on Facebook, Twitter and linkedin social networks!

Over the last two years, interest in cryptocurrencies has grown slowly
but steadily, so they’re gently penetrating into the mainstream.
Also, the inherent advantages in decentralized applications and technology become increasingly evident outside the cryptosphere.
Blockchain technology keeps proving its worth as a new resource capable of tackling old problems in new ways.

It’s showing it will disrupt many industries in the world and that it will ultimately change it.

Most recently, we’ve witnessed blockchain’s effect on fintech corporations and projects.
It’s reshaping them and also the industries that
touch on them. But it’s also impacting seemingly unrelated fields such as education,
aid organization, charity, ride sharing, politics,
real estate, logistics, and healthcare.

There’s another environment that blockchain technology promises to
reshape, and that’s the freelancing business. Freelancing was not a
good thing a decade ago. People frowned upon it as a general rule.

These days, freelancing is reshuffling many professional fields in which workers are gaining
freedom, and employers are increasing versatility. Freelancing evolves
very quickly, and it’s increasingly globalized. Blockchain is instrumental
at some things. One of those things is cutting the middle man off.
That’s one of the reasons why it’s making an entrance into the freelancing community.

It enhances flexibility in working agendas, it makes payments swifter (another blockchain specialty), and it lowers fees vary significantly.

An emerging problem for freelancers is the continually growing number of freelancing
platforms that seek to capture the five or six million freelancers working in the
world today. The platforms must verify new jobs, offerings, the
closing of deals, and all the dirty details that
are somewhat unique to freelancing. The processes are
not very transparent in most sites, and they’re usually not automatic either -both things that could be fixed immediately with a good
smart contracts platform. Unfair payment systems and fake reviews are also common problems that affect both
freelancers and potential employers. And these problems
could also be solved by the proper use of blockchain technology.

The good news is that some freelancing sites are taking advantage of the blockchain to
make life better for everybody involved. They’re still not among the industry leaders; they’re not exceedingly popular.

They’re still marginal, as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies remain. But that only means that you are
just in time to rip the benefits of early adoption. If you’re a freelancer, or if you’re looking for freelancers to employ, you should go to any or
all of the following sites which bring the
freelancing and the blockchain worlds together. Blocklancer promises to
solve "all problems of current freelancer platforms."
Talk about high ambitions! The platform is based on blockchain technology (Ethereum’s blockchain to be more specific).
And it’s all about putting right all that’s wrong with most of
the currently available centralized freelancing platforms.
There’s a strong focus on getting rid of excessive
rigidity, abusive payments, and false reviews.

The system is decentralized, and it includes a native token that helps keep the platform honest.
Token holders can vote on decisions and settle a broad variety of disagreements.
The dispute settling system is automatic, so it ensures fair play for all involved.
Another characteristic in this platform is the fee system, which is quite
low (only 3%). There’s no tolerance for censorship either.
Going by appearances you’d think that this is just your typical freelancing system
in which freelancer just look for work, develop a reputation, and get new clients based on that reputation. But this is
an innovative platform in which the difference is under the hood,
so it’s normal not to notice it all that much. The gap should be in your experience as a user, though.

This platform, like the ones mentioned above, runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It could very
well be the most technologically advanced blockchain freelancer platform in the world
because it combines blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and smart contracts.

It also has a native token, which is the means of payment between employers and employees within the system.
It has every feature you typically find in freelancing websites.
So there’s a long list of available projects posted by prospective employers for freelancers to apply on the ones they like.

However, there’s added value in the site’s service as
it enables users to create smart contracts that automate the payment process.
The site’s native token is instrumental in this. The Zero-fee in this
platform helps it be one of the most popular blockchain-based freelancing
platforms in the world.

The only fee is the usual "gas fee" you find in every application or contract that runs
on Ethereum, which is necessary to transact in the network.
The user interface in this platform is amicable so freelancers can search the available projects to find work very efficiently.
The searching process can be shortened by applying the available filters.
Prospective employers can look for freelancers too (not always the case in these platforms) and select one based on the
feedback they’ve had so far, language, hourly rates, ratings, and skills.

A limiting factor in this platform is that you must
use it using MetaMask and Ethereum’s Mist browser,
which are not precisely the most widespread applications in the world.

But they’re worth installing if you’re interested in joining this market.

Like other projects, CanYa also issues a cryptocurrency (CanYaCoin)
which freelancers and employers can use to pay for the standard 1% fee this platform collects.

It’s accessible from anywhere in the world, open, and decentralized.
It’s in a position to build a good reputation in a business in which
reputation is everything. CanYaCoin incentivizes the platform’s growth, and it intends to guide user
behavior so that everybody enjoys a service of the highest quality.

It’s more known as a blockchain-based social network, but it’s also a freelancing platform.

It’s a good example that illustrates how the trend is shifting towards blockchain-powered environments.

As most platforms of its kind, it links freelancers with
their potential clients. A unique feature in Steemit
is that it allows all users to post anything they want in the
platform, in a way reminiscent of Facebook. There are many more freelancing platforms in the cryptosphere, of course.
We haven’t mentioned them
all because we’re not about to write a book. But you can browse around their websites and decide if you
like them. Atlas, Cryptotask, Orbinetwork, Ethearnal, and Dream
are good examples of places to visit and, if you
want them, open an account. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology remain marginal and
far away from any meaningful mainstream adoption. But it’s platforms like these,
which provide a service that is useful for people on both sides of the
crypto border that can really help the cryptosphere to join the mainstream successfully.

Mainstream adoption is a long process that can’t rely
on a single use-case, of course. Yet, these platforms are
obviously useful even for users that are not very tech-savvy, which is one of the
limitations we often find on many blockchain projects. Some of them are very cool indeed, but
they need a degree of expertise that people in the mainstream just don’t have.

Disclaimer: Please do your ‘very own’ market research before making any
investment in cryptocurrencies.

Not only do you get a bunch of new buddies
to hang out with! You get meet ups with them on a pretty regular
basis! So you're making money AND making new friends.
YOu also get to work together to problem solve issues (another skill we've all learned through things
like video games and existing as adults tbh) you're all facing and get to flex
negotiation skills if you have those! And if you don't that's okay!
You can try and figure out who has the best negotiation skills in this new group of
pals and send them on their way! You get to use everybody's
favorite hobby of trying to shove it to the man to get better and decent wages and hours so no one has to have
any other side hustle in order to survive.

Do you need a side hustle? It seems like a simple enough
question, but when you’re trying to generate more income, the side hustle is one of
the best, most effective ways to bring more income to your
budget. But, is it really something that you need to do?
Do you actually need the money? If you don’t really need the
money and you aren’t trying to build up a side business or
something that you’re passionate about, you’ll just end up burning yourself out.
I’m a firm believer that if you are truly struggling — the lights are about to be shut
off kind of struggling, then you can’t afford to not
work a side hustle.

But if you are just looking to generate some extra spending money, you may
really just need to take a hard look at your budget before adding a side hustle to your repertoire.
Do you have the time? Side hustles take time and if you
are already overloaded, it can be difficult to take on a new
hustle. I know that when I first started blogging, I thought it would be super easy
to monetize it and start pulling an income from it.
However, it ended up taking over two years
before I started generating an income, because
I didn’t realize how much time it would end up taking to monetize.

So, before you decide to take on a side hustle,
make sure you have the time to devote to it. How much
money do you need? Depending on how much money you’re looking to generate will determine how long you need to work a side hustle.
For instance, if you’re trying to pay off debt, set a limit of how
much money you’ll need to earn to achieve your debt-payoff goal.
This will allow you to have the motivation to work the side hustle but also will
give you a "way out" if you should decide that working the side hustle is not for
you. Can you get paid for something that you already do? Is there something that you already do that you may be able to turn into a side hustle?
Such as, do you work out at the gym religiously?

If so,
turn it into a side hustle! You’ll have to study and train to become
a personal trainer or instructor, but you could potentially get paid to be at the
gym and for working out — which you were already doing anyway.
Brainstorm potential side hustles by looking at what you were already doing - could you be a virtual assistant?
If you already work as an administrative assistant, you might
be able to work a side hustle as a virtual assistant.
Working a side hustle is a great way to add more money
into your emergency fund or apply to your debt-payoff goals, but it is
also a great way to build up a side business.
The key to effectively working the side hustle is to decide what
your end goals are. Do you work a side hustle? What made you decide that you needed to/wanted to work a side hustle?

Today is the official birth of our blog about breaking in and earning big in freelancing, social
media business, writing and blogging. The goal is help those
who like us believe strongly that we all can create the life we truly want to
live. This idea of Freelancing and creating a business and help
others break into the industry has been growing steadily.

I've been thinking long and hard, not to mention fantasizing about
it constantly. I joined an online freelance community and got hired
to do a bit of online data and forum entry work. How many times have you played around with an idea and saying it
out loud to see what others thought about it, and you just didn't do
it? What held you back? There will be tough times.

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