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There is no such thing as stress.
Good. Then why are you wasting so much of your time with "stress management"
programs, lectures, coaches, books, articles and websites?
Could it be because you really don’t believe that
there’s no such thing as stress? Oh, I know it’s
a cottage industry from psychiatry to business consultants, from prescription medication to
over the counter supplements and from one new
food to another new exercise. These are great money-makers.
But why are you spending so much of your hard earned money
on something that doesn’t have to exist? There was a tiny village in Switzerland that boasted the
world’s finest ski slopes, with panoramic vistas that were breathtaking.
People from all over the world would come, look out over the slopes and
some would actually fall over to the bottom
of the mountains.

This caused panic among the villagers who called on their town council to intervene.
After hours and hours of meetings, the village wise folks decided to buy an expensive ambulance, two actually, to be placed at the bottom of the mountain ready and equipped with the finest
medical supplies money could purchase. I read about
this. I called my cousin Joey who is a contractor. I told Joey about this.
759 he could—put up a fence. Imagine that. The village town council would hear nothing of
it. They were too invested to pull
back from treating something that could be prevented.
If that’s you, or your company, your family, or co-workers, remember this, when it
comes to this invented expensive and deadly malady:
THE LINK IS WHAT YOU THINK. I point out that
stress is a perspective on life.

When it comes to stress, there definitely is a lifeboat.
We never go from an event to an emotion without thinking about the event first.

It’d be like cutting off your head to even imagine an event "made you" or "got you" upset.

Delete those words immediately! Nothing but YOU, your thinking,
makes your or gets you upset, happy, worried, depressed or angry.
Here’s the important thing: unless and until you
THINK ABOUT events, you won’t have any - any - feelings or
emotions about events.
Do you think if someone shouts, "boo," while you
are in a coma, you’d feel fear? No, you wouldn’t because you wouldn’t be thinking anything about that event.

So it is with stress. Hold onto your hat—seat belts fastened?
Ready for the mind-blowing secret about stress? Here it is: THERE IS NO
BY YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT EVENTS. Many companies call on me to present stress management
seminars to their employees. Some people don’t get that.
S Smile more every day, especially at the first 10 people you see.
T Think rationally, accurately, logically, confidently
and positively. 2 is all about. Think with fortitude, the right attitude, integrity,
trust and humility (F.A.I.T.H.). Focus on the roses
on your thorn bush, not the thorns on your rose bush.

Don’t give away your self-power, self-control and happiness to anyone or anything.
Don’t let any negativity even get inside of your
ears. Walk away. Talk winning to yourself, not losing.

R Relive the good with healthy relationships, the pleasant, and the favorable
accomplishments in your life to help you avoid recounting the bad.
The rear view mirror, always smaller than the windshield, is
designed to help you do just that. Relationships and regular relaxation are critical to reliving the good.
That means knowing whom to walk away from and feeling
ok about it. It’s called self-preservation. Don’t forget that you put your mask on yourself first when flying
with children.

E Eat right including such foods as asparagus, avocado, blueberries, warm milk, almonds, salmon, spinach and oatmeal (assuming you don’t have any allergies to these).

S Sweat more, but not the small stuff. Sweat through regular appropriate exercise for you, including high
intensity interval cardio and full-body resistance training, Pilates, tai
chi, and of course, don’t forget your mind—include meditation as a
part of your regular full-body exercise. 1 restorative power—it’ll
add the stress preventing serenity you are seeking.
Build yourself up in the gym or on the track or bootcamp.
And while you’re at it, don’t forget to build others up at
work, at home, at your church or synagogue. S Savor your moments,
your days, your time—these are gifts not to be ignored.
Release frustrations, irritations, don’t let any drama into your life, and avoid that
"compare and despair" disorder (dis-order). But unless
you find the answers in the S.T.R.E.S.S. I’ve pointed out above,
you’ll likely follow the foolishness of the Swiss village.
Author's Bio: Dr. Mantell completed his Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania and his M.S. Please Register or
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come from? How Moroccan Rug is Helpful in Maintaining the Design of House Interior?

The chairs in the casual line are also included in a 2 year warranty that covers both materials and labor for the steel frame, the lifting mechanism, the motor, the hand control,
scissor mechanisms, and the steel lift mechanism. There
are many different types of lift chairs on the market today, both
produced by Pride and by other manufacturers.
The Casual Line was developed by Pride Mobility to provide a quality and incredibly well made piece of home medical equipment at an affordable and economical rate.
This makes it a great buy for the consumer because it is
possible to save money without sacrificing quality.
Author's Bio: Brad Brubaker has had years of experience with home medical equipment.
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High Self-Confidence and Low Self-Confidence?

A college freshman survival kit can bring peace
of mind to a student who is living on his or
her own for the first time. The kit, which can be contained in a
small briefcase, box, or duffel bag, keeps essential goods and
supplies in one convenient place. It not only serves a practical purpose, it
provides comfort and a piece of home as well. It can also help a student conserve their cash; instead of
going to the store to buy necessities, they will already have much of what they need in their
kit. Including medical supplies in a college survival kit allows a student to treat minor injuries without having to visit
the campus health facility or local drugstore.

Of course, for
serious problems and sickness the student should make use of the campus facilities, but
not all campuses have medical services included in college costs.
Also, if in an emergency situation, the student can attend
to him/herself while waiting for help. Over-the-counter remedies for headaches and body
aches, such as Tylenol, Aleve, or Advil. These are useful for relieving minor cramps and pains.
Hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, and first-aid cream, to use when cleaning
small cuts and scrapes. Extra deodorant, soap, shaving razors, toothpaste, backup toothbrush,
and other bathroom/shower supplies as needed. For additional security in an apartment or freshman dorm room, pack some emergency and safety supplies in a survival kit.
This may be a part of or separate from the main survival kit, but often it is helpful to have each type of supplies
labeled in a separate, smaller box.

One or more hand-held flashlights, to use
in the event of a power outage. Extra batteries for flashlight, calculator, alarm clock, etc.
Check to see what type of batteries each appliance needs.
A hard copy of contact phone numbers. In case the student's phone is lost or out of
power, s/he can call people from a friend's phone or a public phone.
Reduce the likelihood of college weight gain by adding low-calorie, nutrient-rich
food items to a survival kit. Dried fruits, such as apricots,
bananas, and apples. These snacks keep well in a sealed container and satisfy the urge for a
sweet treat without adding extra pounds.
Pretzel sticks, multi-grain crackers, and Nabisco 100-Calorie Snack Packs.

College freshmen can have quick access to crunchy foods that won't spoil
the appetite. Peppermint patties are a good low-calorie, low-fat alternative to candy bars that easily satisfy a chocolate craving.

Ramen noodles — easy to store and easy to fix, these snack-meals are
handy if not necessarily healthy. Good in an emergency, they can be eaten dry or cooked and
have become popular among college students. Drink mix, for instance Krystal Lite, often has less sugar
than soda but will still satisfy a student's thirst for
a sweet drink. Coupons for pizza places and grocery stores
will help your student take the edge off the cost when s/he has to go
shopping, as well as remind them of how to manage their money.
Gift cards to grocery stores or Wal-Mart are also a good
idea. Survival kits are also ideal for storing
extra school supplies that won't fit on a desk top or in a drawer.

Here is my website ... There Is
No Such Thing As Stress
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