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Bet9ja is one of the betting sites
in Nigeria and beyond
that are currently rated as one of the best sites
when it come to online wagering. There have been lot of comments and testimonies, proving the accountability
and credibility of the site. Bet9ja would definitely be an unprofitable
investment to an individual who failed to win any of his/her predictions while the betting company
would surely be profitable to one who knows the misery and tactics of
how to predict and win. Winning all or some predictions on bet9ja website requires much understanding about the game and
how they operate, therefore, we shall be giving you some tips and
advice on how you can become a regular winner on bet9ja. As the adage says ‘too much
of everything is bad’ so it is with betting.

Though the more you play, the better chances of winning but that shouldn’t push you to betting on too many games because you
could end up losing everything. It is advisable you limit the number of games
you intend
to just 10 so as to boost your chances of winning.
You must know that just a single game has
the power to useless the remaining rightly - predicted tickets.
Statistics will give you an insight and important information on the teams you are betting on, this is why you need to do some little research, studies and consultation before you place your prediction.

Though there are chances for new occurrence, sometimes history repeats
itself. Assuming you are betting on a football club, you must know the team’s last three
results; goals scored; goals conceded; set pieces conceded and other
stats that could be helpful. Many Bet9ja Soccer customers have failed
to realize that it pays to bet on the number of goals than betting on the final result.
It is advisable to bet on goals as it will give you more chances of winning .
Betting is one thing that shouldn’t be done out of greediness, Where Is Bet9ja Head Office Located In Port Harcourt this
is because you can’t predict the outcome of the bet you placed on every tickets.
It is understandable that the higher odd you play, the higher the price
you win but you must be very careful while placing a bet on games.
You must also note that your chances of wining
is inversely proportional to the amount you bet with. This simply means that
when you target high odds, you increasingly have slimmer chance of winning, compared to when you target a low odd.
A running ticket is the type of ticket that runs through many days and sometimes, weeks.

This type of ticket gives you great opportunity to win on regular basis irrespective
of the odds you play because it provides
you the room to play sure games when doing Bet9ja prediction.

Providing Reliable Free Soccer Picks. Teach our users the principles of safe betting.
Offer VIP Predictions to interested persons.
Get sure 10 odds daily, with guaranteed 4 wins in a week.
Some Key Points about football. Getting sure soccer predictions is one
of the biggest dilemna of every sports lover who seeks to
raise funds from their passion of soccer. Proffesional Football has been on since the 18th century, today
football is accepted a over the world. In almost every country there is a football team,
there are basically two categories of football, Why Is My Bet9ja Withdrawal
Club football and country football. Rules and regulations are
essential in archieving Justice and equity, so every sports tends to
get his own rules, here are some principles surrounding
country footbal.

Here are some basic rules surrounding country football. A Player can not
play for more than one country in his entier lifetime.
A player can play for any country so long as he's a citizen of the
country. The most promited competition for every
national team is the FIFA WORLD CUP,other competitions includes
EURO Nations League, Euro's cup, Africa cup of nations,
Copa America. Club football is where the fun of football really is,
it cuts accross different levels, from street football to Amatuer to Proffesional football.
There are different clubs in the world, they play in different
countries, different leagues, every club has it's own footballing philosophy.

A football team is made up of 22 players which of course
include a goal keeper, but in a football match each team can only
field in 1 goal-keeper and 10 out-field players.
You can know more about football in general by doing a little
research online, our main goal here is to make money from sports betting.
Just as football has rules so also football betting has rules,
but unfortunately some persons have failed to follow this rules, this
has resulted to them loosing significantly huge amounts of money when playinng betting.
Always bear in mind that it's easier to lose than to win.

Always stake what you can afford to loose. Never bet
when you're on drugs or under the influence of alcohol or Bet9ja What Is Dnb hard drugs.
Don't chase your lost bets. When you're on a loosing streak, take a break,
if possible leave soccer for When Do Bet9ja
a day or two. Never borrow to bet. Most importantly, always have an alternative source of
income. Study these rules very well and always put them in your mind before
placing a bet, now let's go on to the next phase. Here, at
surebet9japredictions, we provide odds that can be staked on different betting sites.
ON daily basis people are seeking sure booking codes that'll help them make money from betting.

Joining our VIP will certainly make you a millioniare at the quickest way possible,
that is if you follow our rules accordingly. Our goal is to make money, keeping or Vision and Mission not
too far away from us. We always have the Best Football Predictions for Today and Tomorrow.
Our Prediction cuts accross the major Leagues in the world.

Do you want to generate a sure booking code for bet9ja, merrybet or any of the top betting companies?
Let us teach you how to pick the best options
from the top leagues. Every League is Unique in it's own way, before
we give details about the leagues, lets talk about the Almighty UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE .

In Champions League, almost every team is a big team, though some teams who tend to be strong in their country side might struggle to play against other teams,
this is due the level of the league. Champions League is contested by 32 teams, split into 8
groups, the knockout phase is been decided by lots draw, sometimes there's room
for country immunity (Two teams from same country not to meet in the first knockout phase.
Champions League games guarantees entertainment so in most cases
there's always guaranteed goals, so the best options is to go
for goals. Premier League is known to be the best league,
this comes as no surprise becuase England are known to be the founders of football.
Premier League is contested by 20 teams every season,
the season begins at August and ends at May, the following year.
The team at the top of the League is crowned Champions, while the last three
teams are demoted to the championship this is termed relegation.
Premier League has it's twist and turns, it's the league with most upset as sometimes under dogs beats the odds.
The premier League Promises actions, thereby Guarantees goals.

Once a while you can take the risks of tipping an under dog to beat a top side, it happens more often in the premier league than any other league.

Many online casinos in Nigeria are finding new ways to reach a
potential customer base. One of the most innovative and largest gambling companies
in Nigeria, Bet9ja recently announced that they will sponsor this year of Big Brother.
After seeing the lines to the audition and the Bet9ja
flags it is obvious that the sponsorship is a good idea. The auditions took place at 8
location Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, Ibadan, Benin and Enugu.

This very popular program will most likely attract a large number of
new customers. In this article, we will try to dig
a bit deeper into how this sponsorship looks like.

Big Brother is a reality show first aired in the Netherlands and then spread across the world.
Up until today’s date, there have been more than 400
seasons combined in more than 50 countries. The Big Brother season last year was named Double Wahala.

The concept is pretty simple. People live under the same
roof in a specially constructed house or apartment that does not have
any contact with the outside world. The people
that live in the house should try to stay there as long as possible.
The last person will be the winner. To stay you can win different
competitions and challenges and avoid to be voted out from your housemates.
Everything is closely monitored by cameras around the clock throughout the entire show.
According to trustworthy resources, this sponsorship is worth as much as ₦1.08bn. This is much
larger than the previous sponsorship from Bet9ja
of the Nigerian National Team. The Nigerian National
Team sponsor deal was "only" of ₦200 million. With this much budget
Big Brother this year will be able to have better quality.
The location will most likely be fancier than in previous years.
Maybe they are even thinking about recording the show in South
Africa. It will be very interesting to follow this development to see if
more gambling operators are going to sponsor big events, teams and
tv-shows like this to attract new customers.

Register yourself for free at Bet9ja sports betting and grab the whooping sign up bonus of 100%
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Place your bets on the huge sports market available at bet9ja and claim some other sizzling promotional offers as
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bets on any of the sports market at Bet9ja Sports. Punters
will have to redeem the Bonus Code/Promo Code: "dk-100-banner" whilst placing their first bet.
After a punter is done with playing with his first qualifying bet, the new player bonus of up
to N100,000 will be credited automatically. How to claim the New Player Bonus
at Bet9ja?

Signup with a real money account at Bet9ja Sports.
Redeem the Bonus Code/Promo Code: dk-100-banner and place your first bet of N100 at the
minimum on any of the Sports market with Betting Odds of 3.00 or more.
Play with your deposited amount by placing single
or multiple bets. You will get your 100% Welcome Bonus
with a maximum amount of N100,000. What is the eligibility criteria for Bet9ja Welcome Bonus?
A minimum bet/deposit of N100 is the qualifying
deposit/bet for claiming the welcome bonus.
This deposit must be made with the eligible payment methods which are: Webpay with Naira
Debit Card, NIBSS eBillsPay, UBA EmailMoni App, GTBank Online/Mobile Transfer, Paycom Online Transfer,
Instant Bank Deposit, Quickteller Online, Skye Mobile Deposit.

What are the Wagering Requirements on Be9ja Sports Signup Bonus?
The sign up bonus at Bet9ja Sports is subject to 10x wagering requirements.

This must be completed by staking on any of the sports market with betting odds of more than 3.00 before making withdrawals.
What are the Bet9ja Terms and Conditions? The new player
bonus is available only for the real money account holders
at Bet9ja who will place their bets using the eligible payment methods.
The deposited amount needs to be played completely before the punter gets credited with the welcome bonus.
However, it is not a compulsion that
the whole amount needs to be staked in one bet only.
The bonus must be turned over within 30 days of it being credited.
After this time period, the welcome bonus will expire.

NOTICE: Verifiable Bet slips are now attached beneath every
concluded Paid tips to evict all possible doubts from the
minds of aspiring first timers. The Paid matches are posted hours/days before the
kick-off of the matches for all to see, but in exclusion of the Tips to prevent those who didn't make payment for them to access them.
Afterwards, we stake on them, and When Does Bet9ja Give Bonus
after the conclusion of the matches, our confirmable Bet Slip(s) are posted for confirmation purpose.
The minimum online staking amount (N100) will be used to stake on all our Paid Tips
games as a prove to doubting first timers that we actually did hit the games we offered in the Paid
Tips category. However, customers that purchased these games are advised to stake heavily on these game so
as to guarantee huge profits. For the record, Who Have Bet9ja we also stake heavily on our games.
To confirm the authenticity of the Bet Slip(s), please contact the customer care of the BET9JA and state the Bet Slip number/ID, or you could as well
go to a betshop for assistance. Click here to checkout our paid tips plans and prices, as well as steps
on how to place an order. 2015 - 2019 Free Predicts.
All Right s Reserved.

On match-days, these places are usually packed with
passionate fans sporting replica jerseys
and rooting for their favourite teams but more recently, a keen observer might
notice fans at viewing centres clutching a white piece of paper - a ‘ticket’.
Tickets are printed copies of selected games on which bets are placed and
since late 2012, they have become more prominent in the Nigerian football landscape as sport betting is now very popular.

Generally, sport betting involves punters predicting the outcome of matches and getting their bets to correspond with the stakes.
If the predictions are correct, the bets are rewarded with stipulated winnings.

In Nigeria, where there are millions of incredibly passionate football
fans, sport betting has found its proverbial home. Ultimately,
fans began to explore the real possibility of not just watching football but also making money from these games played thousands of
miles away. For fans who watch football as a leisurely pastime, the ability to make money out of it has presented an opportunity too good
to pass up
. Typically, fans are used to hosting heated discussions on the monstrous weekly wages of
their favourite footballers but sport betting has turned that conversation on its head.
Football fans now discuss their earnings from bets as the sport
has become a viable source of income.

Every other weekend, betting companies announce big winnings
from bets placed with amounts as low as N100.
The possibility of raking in millions from meagre amounts is enough motivation for punters
across the country to bet on a daily basis and Who Is Bet9ja
as a result, betting companies record hugely impressive
numbers. Ademola Adebajo, CEO of Stakersden, a leading betting company in Lagos, projects that daily stakes run into billions of Naira.
"Currently, we believe daily bets have reached five billion naira cumulatively across all the betting companies. Punters in the country are currently seeing this as a source of daily bread and it is not uncommon to see people appropriating a certain amount for betting daily," Adebajo
said. Despite Nigeria’s high levels of poverty and unemployment, punters cut across various demographics
regardless of earning powers.

According to Adebajo, low income earning punters
spend between N200 and N1000 on bets while high income earners, tagged ‘big ticket customers’ spend thousands more,
although these big ticket customers are firmly in the minority.
In recent years, as Nigeria has become a thriving market,
sports betting firms have sought to latch on and capture
market share to various degrees of success. The default business model sees the companies set up shop
in a central working office while seeking to establish a wide network
of affiliate agents who open brick and mortar shops where customers can come in to place bets.

For their part in the business chain, affiliate shop owners, or
agents as they are formally known, earn commissions on the bets placed in their shops.
While the offline component thrives, sports betting companies
also operate an online business model exploiting Nigeria’s internet penetration. Last month, the Nigerian Communications
Commission announced that internet users in the country had reached 97 million.
With more than half of the country online, betting companies recognize the
need to establish viable online operations. For this purpose, websites are set up for punters to open personal accounts from which they conduct transactions ranging from depositing funds into an online wallet,
placing bets and transferring winnings earned from bets to their bank accounts.

While some companies explore both models aggressively, others like NairaBet simply choose to remain predominantly online models thus sidestepping the
financial and logistical implications of setting up
and running a large-scale offline model.

The first step however, is purchasing a betting license at an annual
cost of N10 million from regulators. Even though the
cost of kick-starting operations is high,
betting firms still require deep pockets to pay out winnings from punters which can sometimes
run into hundreds of millions in a single weekend,
cumulatively. In fact, the inability to pay up promptly after big wins has been known to cause major
embarrassment for betting companies and on some occasions, eventual closure.
Last May, on a weekend that saw few upsets and most predicted results clicking, punters on Bet9ja, the market leader in the
sport betting space were said to have garnered up to N700 million in winning bets.
To its credit, Bet9ja paid promptly- a feat that cannot be matched by some other firms.

However, weekends like those are few and far between and more often than not, the betting companies make healthy profits and Who Is The
Highest Winner In Bet9ja?
record enviable numbers.
Clearly, Bet9ja Whatsapp Group the business landscape is changing rapidly as betting firms compete aggressively for market share.

According to Adebajo of Stakersden, betting companies with real
goals of domination can no longer play small. "We started with a few local companies but right now, the business is moving from a low budget enterprise to one where scale is of the essence. Companies like Bet9ja have come into the market to redefine how sport betting should be done and every operator is reacting to the developments," he said.
"The business landscape has moved from trying to open a corner shop somewhere and offer betting services to people.

The big companies are constantly innovating and upping the ante in the industry. The need for innovation has seen companies seek ways to make betting easier and less restrictive for punters as live phone betting services have been launched. Stakersden has also recently launched a new service in collaboration with leading telecoms firms. While some think the Nigerian market is already saturated and can no longer evolve, Adebajo says the next stage of evolution will be fuelled by foreign investment. "Foreign companies have
been licensed to operate here and more are expecting to secure licenses or to partner with local operators.
Given Nigeria’s high unemployment figures, the creation of
jobs by the private sector is critical and in this regard, the impact of sport betting has
been profound.

With some big companies
running nationwide operations, while other focus on maximizing their
reach regionally, the industry has created thousands of jobs
directly and indirectly. Big companies have staff strength
running into hundreds but through their associate networks, they offer agents a source
of livelihood through affiliate partnerships
as they earn money through commissions. Joseph Chukwu, a graduate and shop owner in Ikorodu, says sport betting has been a
lifesaver. "There are no jobs in the country even for qualified graduates," he said.
"Rather than sit on my thumbs, I decided to set up my shop as an agent and earn money through commissions. Initially I thought of it as something to do while something bigger came along but now I’m focusing on building a chain of shops and being a mogul of sorts. Adebajo thinks the employment issues and high rate of poverty means that the chance to earn a living from sports betting can hardly be ignored. In less than a decade, the sport betting industry has grown vastly and become not just a source of income for many Nigerian punters but also large job creation vehicle.

Check the popular great sports betting sites Kenya. The operators we present here are Betin and Bet9ja. These African-run companies stand out in the betting world with regards to betting bonus. As Bet9ja still does not operate in Kenya, we recommend you to visit Bet9ja Nigeria. You can find all the relevant sports betting sites Kenya and betting bonus details in the table below. The 100% Welcome Bonus is valid for all NEW Bet9ja customers who register online and deposit using any method. To be eligible for this offer, the Customer must make a successful first deposit (Minimum deposit: NGN100) into their Bet9ja account. The 50% Karibu Bonus is valid for all NEW Betin customers who register online and deposit using M-Pesa Paybill number 997270. To be eligible for this offer, the Customer must make a successful first deposit into their Betin account.

Once the deposit has been made, the entire deposit amount must be played (single bet or multiple bets) on any sports market with cumulative odds 3.00 or greater. Once the bets have been settled, the bonus will be awarded. Step 1: Deposit. Step 2: Play full deposited amount (bets must be settled). Step 3: Get Your Bonus. Betin will credit the Customer’s account with a 50% Karibu Bonus up to a maximum of Ksh. 5,000. Mininum Deposit to receive a bonus is Ksh 300. Your bonus will be credited within 72hrs of bet settlement. Betting Bonus - What You Should Know?

If you take a quick look at home pages of most great sports betting sites Kenya, you will see the many of them offering you some kind of welcome betting bonus. It is obvious that betting companies want you to sign up with them in this highly competitive industry. However, with articles like this one, you could get to know a little more about special bets and other promotions that you yourself could participate in. Also, most times during the sign up processes you only get to see the offers in bold with only the mere mention of Terms and Conditions.

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