What is ODLK1?

BOINC-project ODLK1 continues to solve the problem of BOINC-project ODLK.
The project generates a database of canonical forms (CF) of diagonal Latin squares (DLS) of order 10 having orthogonal diagonal Latin squares (ODLS).
The necessary definitions for the theme can be found here:

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The raw results for September - November 2018
Dear participants!

You can download the raw results for September - November 2018 from the ODLK1 project via the following link

The results were published by the project administrator ice00.
3 Dec 2018, 4:10:44 UTC · Discuss

Happy Birthday, ODLK1 project!
Dear participants!

Today BOINC project ODLK1 is one year old.

Happy Birthday!

Your best gift is your participation!

See our gifts.
5 Nov 2018, 3:21:30 UTC · Discuss

From 16.8 to 26.8 I will be on holiday so I will not have physical or internet access to the server.

Server is onto a power unit supply that can gives up to 1h of current in case of external blackout.
I hope that Marphy low did not apply during the holiday :)

15 Aug 2018, 14:16:15 UTC · Discuss

Three millions of unique CF ODLS
Dear participants of the ODLK and ODLK1 projects!

You have overcome the boundary of 3,000,000 CF ODLS!

Thanks for your work!
2 Aug 2018, 12:55:24 UTC · Discuss

The contest for the best optimization of the program
Dear participants of the project!

Probably, there are many programmers among you.

A contest is announced to the best optimization of program of search the orthogonal LS for a given LS of order 10.
This is a very important program!

The author of this program is colleague S. Belyaev.
The program was created and posted for general use on the Math Help Planet forum on February 29, 2016.

You can download the archive from the following link

The source code of the program in archive is available.
22 Jul 2018, 5:51:25 UTC · Discuss

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