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The results of the ODLK1 project for July-September 2022 have been published.

Application odlk3: 350094 CF ODLK;
Application odlkmax: 342181 CF ODLK.

Archive ODLK1_Jul-Sep2022_named.7z
11.1 MB.
14 Oct 2022, 8:31:12 UTC · Discuss

The results of the ODLK1 project for April-June 2022 have been published.
Application odlk3: 435579 CF ODLK;
Application odlkmax: 442435 CF ODLK.

Archive ODLK1_Apr-Jun2022_named.7z
14 MB.
3 Oct 2022, 6:46:24 UTC · Discuss

The results of the ODLK1 project for January-March 2022
The results of the ODLK1 project for January-March 2022 have been published.

Application odlk3: 422819 CF ODLK;
Application odlkmax: 486530 CF ODLK.

Archive ODLK1_Jan-Mar2022_named.7z
14.5 MB.
19 Sep 2022, 6:25:23 UTC · Discuss

Connection ok

the service provider say that problem on network should now be resolved.

24 Aug 2022, 18:41:18 UTC · Discuss

Back from holiday

Murphy law is always in on modality!

Last year I did not went to holiday and all was fine.

This year I takes 15 days holiday to compensate the last years, and something goes wrong!

I leaved on 6 and the day 7 I got an email notification that my weather station (that every five minutes put online the collected data), was not online (it uses the same internet connection of the server).
However when I check the station and server connectivity from the cell all was fine.

But every days/few days, I got that the weather station was going offline for 2 to 8 hours, but always when I check it it was back online, so I suppose the station has some problem (maybe low internal battery).

When I come back last day, I see that weather station was ok, but I got no internet connection instead!

So it happens that for 15 days connection to server has some blackout (fortunately that was not for more that 8 hours in some days, so all can still get credits).

Now the service provider is investigated the issue, so if you get some hours of not connection to the server this is due for this problem that I hope will be fixed soon.

23 Aug 2022, 17:01:10 UTC · Discuss


from tomorrow there will be 2 weeks holiday and so there will be no physical access to server in case of problems.

Be sure to have a backup BOINC project in case of problem here for not let your clients without works.

5 Aug 2022, 11:27:13 UTC · Discuss

New WUs added to the project
On January 4 of this year, 112118 WUs from rule 26 were added to the project.
Added 94372 WUs from rule 27 today.

Thank you all for your active work!
2 Feb 2022, 9:27:00 UTC · Discuss

Schedule 4h power off in city
On 25 Jan from 12.00 to 16:00 there is a scheduled power off in my city due to electrical maintenance in the area.

So far the battery power supply of server handles up to 3h of blackout, so it is not know if it can stay up for 4h, but I hope so.

However, even if the server is on, it will be not reachable from the network as all net devices of the area will be powered off during that time.

18 Jan 2022, 14:38:24 UTC · Discuss

Complete DB of the BOINC project ODLK1 for 2017-2021
The complete database of the BOINC project ODLK1 for 2017-2021 has been published.
©2022 Progger & Stefano Tognon (ice00)
Yandex.Disk, archive 218 MB.

November 2017 – February 2020 results processed by ice00 (Stefano Tognon).
Project results for March 2020 – December 2021 were processed by Demis.
CF ODLS are presented in codes according to the Belyshev's system.
The database contains 14 078 671 CF ODLS.

For decoding, use Belyshev's program denamer.exe.
This program can be taken, for example, in the archive
15 Jan 2022, 12:20:41 UTC · Discuss

Formula Boinc Marathon
Dear project participants!

A very good start for the ODLK1 project at the Formula Boinc Marathon!
21 teams compete in the Marathon.

Thanks to all the teams for participating in this prestigious competition.

Who forgot to connect their team to the Marathon, please connect.
The procedure for connecting the command to Marathon is required.
9 Jan 2022, 15:55:05 UTC · Discuss

WUs from new rule 25
Dear project participants!

Added 56282 WUs from new rule 25 to the project.
These are WUs-trees that automatically generate new WUs.

Thank you for staying with the project.

Happy New Year!
4 Jan 2022, 3:28:51 UTC · Discuss

A new experiment for voluntary distributed computing
Dear project participants!

A new experiment for voluntary distributed computing has been announced. This is not a BOINC project.
The experiment is part of my project to investigate the properties of ODLS of order n > 10.
Each of you can take part in the project if you have OS Windows.
I ask everyone to help the experiment.

See the topic

You can write your questions in this thread in Russian or in English.
You can also ask your questions to PM.
20 Dec 2021, 11:10:20 UTC · Discuss

Disk up

the new disk is up and running after less than 4 hours later.

This disk is were Boinc save all past and present data (not the DB, that is in another more faster one) and the downside of a Boinc installation is that space in that area will grown day by day.

As the old one last for more than 3 years, we have at least other 3 years of data to process before fulling this one :)
21 Oct 2021, 11:45:12 UTC · Discuss

New disk

in the next days it is planned to move the Boinc data from actual disk to another big one.

The operation will be long 2 or more hours and during that time the server will be disconnected from network.

So be sure to have the WUs you need or add backup Boinc project to use in the mean time

20 Oct 2021, 19:25:55 UTC · Discuss

New tasks
The odlk3@home Application has been updated. Added tasks from rule 24.
A total of 12 rules are checked in this Application
1, 6, 22, 24, 28, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 66, 67.

The odlkmax@home Application checks the following rules
2, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 39, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61.

The complete search space contains 67 rules.
13 Sep 2021, 14:17:49 UTC · Discuss

New results of the ODLK1 BOINC project
The results of the ODLK1 BOINC project for March - December 2020 have been published.
See the topic

For March - December 2020, 2306590 unique CF ODLS were found in the project.
The processed part of the project database contains 11299868 unique CF ODLS.
28 Jul 2021, 5:51:00 UTC · Discuss

Internet connection restored
So, the electrical power was shout down for 3,5h on Sunday in all the municipal area and the very good news was that the UPS (that was supposed to function for one hour) lasted for all the time and it was not near to finish the power reserve.

UPS is for saving integrity of server when there is no power, not to support all the rest of network equipments.

However when the power was back there were not internet connection!

As the service provider repeater is located 200m of distance and there were no workers on it (so all was supposed to be good), I contacted them soon for the problem as even their networks devices where in the area of power off so the problem could be here and/or there.

As it was Sunday their replay were at the rate of one in an hour and they let me makes lot of test until say at night that they will send a specialized technician to solve it.

I pass all the followed days to solicit intervention because the situation was critical for ODLK1, but it was in vain: assistance with ten-year customers proved to be practically absent!

Really unacceptable for a supplier who should guarantee a service that is always active 24h/24h!

This has now been, today they have restored the connection (it seems that the electrical works have damaged many devices throughout the area of 1Km^2).

I apologize for the situation but even replace the current internet providers will takes at least 20 working days, so the only solution was to attend their intervention.

19 Feb 2021, 20:12:47 UTC · Discuss

Power off on 14/2/2021 for some hours

on 14/02/2021 from 8:30 to 12:30 (Rome time) there will be a switch off for current in my region.

Maybe the power supply will last for 1 hour, then the server will shut down until current return.

13 Feb 2021, 14:26:37 UTC · Discuss

DB CF ODLS of order 11
I am officially opening a new project DB CF ODLS of order 11.

Some research on this project has already been done in the topic "ODLS of orders n>10"

Working theme created

Tomáš Brada helped me in my research.
See the topic "Diagonal Latin squares of order n>10"

The project has good software, which was created by Belyshev and Harry White.

At the moment I have a small database core containing 109025 CF ODLS.

I invite everyone to join the project.
I will consider your suggestions for launching a project on the BOINC platform.
16 Jan 2021, 7:19:07 UTC · Discuss

DB CF ODLS of order 9
I am officially opening a new project "DB CF ODLS of order 9" .
This is not a BOINC project yet, but a manual project. I have been working on a project for a long time on a PC.
But you can turn a manual project into a BOINC project if you want.

Here you will find the software you need
(small archive, 2.1 MB)

The software was created by Belyshev and Harry White.

This is the script that works for me

@echo off
copy TemporaryDLS9R1BdFd.txt input.txt
kanonizator_dlk9.exe < vvod1.txt
copy output.txt input.txt
ortogon_u.exe < Y.txt
copy /b rez.txt+mates.txt rez.txt

Before starting the script, you must write the starting DLS to the file DLS9R1BdFdLast.txt.
The starting DLS can be any SN DLS from any rule or any CF from the existing database.

The following programs are running in the process:
1. DLS9R1BdFdCP.exe, a program for generating CH DLK in the selected line, by Harry White;
2.kanonizator_dlk9.exe, program for SN DLK canonization, author Belyshev;
3. ortogon_u.exe, program for checking DLS on ODLS, by Belyshev.
The programs run on Windows.

The process can be looped.
The results are written to the file rez.txt.
For convenience, I copy the results from the file mates.txt, this is one of the output files of the program ortogon_u.exe.
Therefore, it is important: be sure to find all orthogonal DLSs to the squares obtained in the file rez.txt using the program ortogon_u.exe.
Then canonize all the results obtained.
And then the post-processing of the received CF ODLS (search for ODLS from ODLS) will already go.

In the archive you will find the file Variants_of_Diagonal.txt.
These are the rules (side diagonals) for the 9th order SN DLS.
I sent this file to Harry before he started writing the generator program.

You can generate SN DLS in any selected rule in any (reasonable) amount with the Harry DLS9R1BdFd.exe program, which you will also find in the archive.
Generation instructions are understandable at program requests.
If you have any questions, ask.

I posted a small database of CF ODLS for a long time here
In this initial part of the database, there are only 6795 CF ODLS.
At the moment, the database of CF ODLS compiled by me contains 24153 CF ODLS.
This is, of course, very little yet.
But it is difficult to get many solutions on one PC.

Please join the project!

For more detailed instructions, please contact me.
You can write in the subject
in the PM, as well as in the home box

And a very important question!
I ask everyone to report the known data on the CF ODLS database of the order of 9, if you know such data.
Excluding the results of the BOINC Rake Search project. Partially the results of this project are included in the database I compiled. The rest of the results can also be included.
10 Aug 2020, 7:50:53 UTC · Discuss


I'll be on holiday for 10/12 days from tomorrow without access to the server.

I hope that all goes fine as in the last months.

7 Aug 2020, 19:39:43 UTC · Discuss

Hardware problems
As Linux is almost perfect if you get the same problem two times in short time, that means that there is an hardware problem behind!

The first time I can think it was due to the 3 working people that add new devices in my network for having three more connection speed of actual one as they manage to add cables and move devices during the operation.. and after them you got a DB related problem into the server just 5 minutes after they gone...

But after having rebuild the DB from scratch (without losing any data) and get the same error..then it is an hardware error (maybe related to the system disk that manifest some operation degradation that should not happen with his young life)

Actually the DB is now moved onto the ODLK1 Boinc disk and this should stay good until the new disk arrived and I can move system to it (maybe in 15 days).

29 Oct 2019, 21:34:44 UTC · Discuss

The results of ODLK and ODLK1 projects as of January 1, 2019
Dear participants!

At the moment our database contains 5714925 unique CFs ODLS.
See message

All results are published.

Thank you very much for your work!
22 Jan 2019, 11:59:45 UTC · Discuss

Congratulations to the team Gridcoin!
Congratulations to the team Gridcoin with a record - a billion points!

Gridcoin 723 2,661,267 1,004,314,911 United States Другое

I ask the administrators of the project ODLK1 Progger and ice00 to issue the corresponding badge.

Team Gridcoin: thank you very much for participating in the project!
11 Jan 2019, 16:36:52 UTC · Discuss

Autonomous Subproject
Dear participants!

I'm trying to run autonomous subproject.
The subproject uses my algorithm “pseudo-associative DLSs”.
Jobs are generated by my program. Jobs check is performed by Belyshev colleague program (family_mar.exe).

I ask everyone to support the subproject.
I really need your help!
I have thousands of tasks, several algorithms, I perform dozens of experiments.
I can't handle all the work!

Perhaps this attempt will help to further translate the stand-alone subproject onto the BOINC platform.
I am ready to do it right now. But I do not know how to run subprojects in the BOINC platform.

Here is the first block of tasks

Try everyone! It works!
Read on for details.
16 Dec 2018, 12:46:53 UTC · Discuss

The raw results for September - December 2018
Dear participants!

You can download the raw results for September - November 2018 from the ODLK1 project via the following link

The results were published by the project administrator ice00.
3 Dec 2018, 4:10:44 UTC · Discuss

Happy Birthday, ODLK1 project!
Dear participants!

Today BOINC project ODLK1 is one year old.

Happy Birthday!

Your best gift is your participation!

See our gifts.
5 Nov 2018, 3:21:30 UTC · Discuss

From 16.8 to 26.8 I will be on holiday so I will not have physical or internet access to the server.

Server is onto a power unit supply that can gives up to 1h of current in case of external blackout.
I hope that Marphy low did not apply during the holiday :)

15 Aug 2018, 14:16:15 UTC · Discuss

Three millions of unique CF ODLS
Dear participants of the ODLK and ODLK1 projects!

You have overcome the boundary of 3,000,000 CF ODLS!

Thanks for your work!
2 Aug 2018, 12:55:24 UTC · Discuss

The contest for the best optimization of the program
Dear participants of the project!

Probably, there are many programmers among you.

A contest is announced to the best optimization of program of search the orthogonal LS for a given LS of order 10.
This is a very important program!

The author of this program is colleague S. Belyaev.
The program was created and posted for general use on the Math Help Planet forum on February 29, 2016.

You can download the archive from the following link

The source code of the program in archive is available.
22 Jul 2018, 5:51:25 UTC · Discuss

How to protect intellectual property?
A very important topic.
We will discuss.

How did it all start?
Begin with this message on the forum

I quote

Statistics for the list of 2 000 697 CF ODLS
(download the link in the signature)

And in the signature for the post we see the link:
List of CF ODLS (2 000 697)

Since there are no links to the sources of results in the post (in the file by reference - I do not know whether there are links or not, since I the file did not download), naturally, the question arises: "Where are the drozhishki?"

The question on the forum I can not ask, because I locked there for 50 years.
Then I ask the administrator of the BOINC-project ODLK1 ice00.
I get the following answer:
Sorry, I had give him the results some days ago, but I can point him
that it cannot use them as he seems to ignore copyright.

Well, all as I expected.
After receiving the results from the administrator ODLK1, citerra puts them on the forum without specifying any sources of results.

I would like to note that earlier I have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the results of the ODLK and ODLK1 BOINC projects are the intellectual property of these projects and when copying the results for any purpose it is necessary to indicate a reference to the source of the results.
At the same time, I showed a copyright sign in both BOINC projects, for example, in the ODLK project
©2018 (C) Progger

But all my calls were in vain.
The results were copied by citerra and laid out without any reference.
Now the story repeats itself, now with the results obtained from the project administrator ODLK1.

This is the beginning. The continuation followed quite stunning.
I suggest that everyone will get acquainted with the beginning and advise how to protect the intellectual property of BOINC projects.

PS. Russian-speaking participants can read the topic here
9 May 2018, 11:33:13 UTC · Discuss

Two million unique CF ODLS
Dear participants!

Your work has brought remarkable results.
At the moment we have in the data base two million unique CF ODLS.

Thank you for your participation!
1 May 2018, 8:23:59 UTC · Discuss

Profile creation and spam protection
Profile creation is enabled. Recaptcha is enabled for registration. After a while, spam users will be deleted.
19 Feb 2018, 8:17:46 UTC · Discuss

Application odlksym3
Application for the final search of all symmetric squares.
The current version is only for linux amd64, and I forgot to make a progress notification. Soon there will be an improved version for all platforms.
31 Jan 2018, 15:34:09 UTC · Discuss

The information about DB
DB is combined from ODLK and ODLK1 projects.

Here you can see DB to January 1, 2018.

View details

January 16, 2018 posted the first part of the database, containing 500,000 unique CF ODLS

The second part of the database currently contains 128,825 CF ODLS.
27 Jan 2018, 16:31:25 UTC · Discuss

Project url changed
Now site uses SSL:
16 Jan 2018, 11:22:29 UTC · Discuss

Search in tails
Added application odlkmax for searching in the tails of rulers 57, 58, 59, 60, 61.
26 Dec 2017, 9:10:49 UTC · Discuss

New rulers
The rulers 58 and 59 have been added to the ODLK1 project.
Now we check in this project six rulers: 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 66.
The check is performed from the beginning of rulers and in natural order.
All these rulers contain 100% CF.
15 Dec 2017, 9:05:10 UTC · Discuss

The statistics in project ODLK1

5-7.11.17 50 0
8.11.17 76 0
9.11.17 541 2
10.11.17 872 2
11.11.17 959 10
12.11.17 1356 6
13.11.17 939 8
14.11.17 1439 2
15.11.17 1496 0
16.11.17 2486 10
Total - 10254 CF ODLS

A unique group of three orthogonal pairs of DLS is found!

 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
 3 4 1 2 8 9 5 6 0 7
 9 7 3 4 5 8 1 2 6 0
 2 0 5 9 1 6 7 8 3 4
 8 3 4 6 7 1 2 0 9 5
 6 5 8 0 3 2 4 9 7 1
 1 6 9 5 0 7 8 4 2 3
 5 9 6 7 2 3 0 1 4 8
 7 8 0 1 6 4 9 3 5 2
 4 2 7 8 9 0 3 5 1 6

 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
 3 4 5 2 8 9 1 6 0 7
 9 7 3 4 1 8 5 2 6 0
 2 0 1 9 5 6 7 8 3 4
 8 3 4 6 7 1 2 0 9 5
 6 5 8 0 3 2 4 9 7 1
 1 6 9 5 0 7 8 4 2 3
 5 9 6 7 2 3 0 1 4 8
 7 8 0 1 6 4 9 3 5 2
 4 2 7 8 9 0 3 5 1 6

 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
 3 4 7 2 8 9 5 6 0 1
 9 7 3 4 5 8 1 2 6 0
 2 0 5 9 1 6 7 8 3 4
 8 3 4 6 7 1 2 0 9 5
 6 5 8 0 3 2 4 9 1 7
 1 6 9 5 0 7 8 4 2 3
 5 9 6 7 2 3 0 1 4 8
 7 8 0 1 6 4 9 3 5 2
 4 2 1 8 9 0 3 5 7 6

 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
 1 2 3 0 5 8 7 9 4 6
 7 0 6 5 3 4 9 1 2 8
 8 6 9 4 7 3 5 2 0 1
 6 9 7 1 8 0 4 3 5 2
 5 8 1 7 2 9 0 6 3 4
 2 4 0 6 9 1 3 8 7 5
 4 3 8 2 6 7 1 5 9 0
 9 7 5 8 0 6 2 4 1 3
 3 5 4 9 1 2 8 0 6 7

17 Nov 2017, 4:51:59 UTC · Discuss

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